Community Peace Surge Helps to Bring 0 Shootings and 0 Murders to “Murders Row” in Chicago

by Phillip Jackson

79th and Cottage Grove Is Possibly the Deadliest Corner in America. Over Labor Day Weekend, While Chicago Suffered 66 shootings with 13 Murders, the Chatham Community Around 79th and Cottage Grove Experienced 0 Shootings and 0 Murders.


Unfortunately, there are few miracles in Chicago. Therefore 0 shootings and 0 murders on “Murder’s Row” is not a miracle. It took lots of hard work and courage to make “Murder’s Row” one of the safest places to be in Chicago during the super-violent 2016 Labor Day Weekend.  
Brother Daniel X from the Nation of Islam, Fruit of Islam and 10,000 Fearless, along with T.J. Crawford of Breaking Bread and the Chicago Local Organizing Committee, adopted the community of Chatham. They led Breaking Bread and 10,000 Fearless in getting to know the streets of Chatham several times a week for many months. They knew all of the different cliques, sets, mobs, gangs and crews. They knew all of the hustlers and sidewalk vendors. They knew all of the store owners and vendors.  But most importantly, they knew the people of Chatham.

When the Community Peace Surge started in Chicago on Friday September 2, 2016, they extended their connection to the community to include, Rap Battles on the streets, cleaning up tons of trash and debris, setting up a chess tournament on one of the deadliest corners in Chatham, serving food to young people and residents, and community walking patrols of love, respect and peace.  All of this, and more, was done with money from their own pockets.  
Did the people of Chatham respond to Brother Daniel and T.J.?  Yes!!! They responded with 0 shooting and 0 murders in Chatham!!!  All of this and the whole Community Peace Surge was done with not one penny from any foundation, business or government office. 
Congratulations to Brother Daniel X, T.J. Crawford, The Nation of Islam, the Fruit of Islam, 10,000 Fearless, Breaking Bread and the Chicago Justice Or Else Organizing Committee for having the courage to do what the police could not do.